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What's a Fictive?

Before we go anywhere, it's probably a good idea to explain what a fictive actually is. Simply put, a fictive is an original character. You all know what fanfiction is. I'm also fairly sure that on at least one occasion you've come across a character in a ReBoot fanfiction that is unfamiliar to you - and while it may (or may not) be an interesting one, you're stumped as to what the character looks like, how s/he got there, and what his/her motivations are.

Well, that's where this website comes in. It's intended to be a sort of hub for original characters within ReBoot fiction; where authors can give their readers the lowdown on their characters' backgrounds, even submit pictures, archive fic, and put a more familiar face to a random name. But just because a character is listed here doesn't mean it's a good one - that's up to the fans to decide.

Characters are listed alpha by name, with their author.

Curiouser and curiouser.... -- Glitch Bob

Last Update: April 24th 2003

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